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Considering Solar ?

You will need the answers to these questions:

Let us help you get the right answers.. An incorrectly sized or installed system will not give you the results you expected.  With our extensive industry experience we have unmatched Industry knowledged..  We are not a sales company, but work on your side in order to ensure you get the most cost effective, system possible.  We operate Australia wide and  provide advisory consulting services to some of the biggest pv and commercial enterprises in the country, although you won't see our name in their documentation.   

We can either run a total project from concept to completion or you can select the modules you require at different stages to suit your timeline.  The primary modules include:

Solar Power is good for business

Solar power is no longer “alternative”, but a mainstream, reliable power option, however an incorrectly sized & installed systems may have little cost benefit.  We are experts at designing the most cost effective solutions for businesses so you know what to expect.

ROI - not the full picture for Solar

Standard ROI calculations are not quite relevant to solar – as you are spending the money anyway on current bills – so it’s a diversion of funds from the power retailer to you paying off your own generation plant. 

Solar is an opperational cost so loans and leases are tax deductable.  Commercial systems commonly see a 5 year or better Return on Investment, however these systems with low rate solar loans only now available, can be set up as cash positive meaning that there is no outlay, you are paying off a system and saving money.compared to your power bills. This is not therefore an investment, it does outline the opportunity of choosing the highest quality components and management team to design and manage your install. Without the high rebates we are now seeing, most systems would be cash neutral or slightly cash negative untill the system is paid off.

Better engineering - lower power bills 

Helping Commercial and Rural  Australia reduce power bills ($1.23M P/A).  Blue Tongue Solar Designs, Engineers and install's photovoltaic systems Australia wide– producing low cost power and significantly reducing  energy costs for Australians. We have very happy customers.
Blue Tongue Solar systems produce 3.2 Gigawatts of power per annum for Victoria alone.
Components for Blue Tongue solar systems are field tested by us and are certified to comply with all Australian standards. Our attention to detail through design and engineering helps us to achieve the highest yields especially on larger complex systems.  
Our commercial system capabilities include: Large scale roof top and ground mount power plants, High Kva water pumping offsets for Agriculture. Hybrid Bio Diesel, Solar with Automated multi power source controllers. Civil and electrical engineering, custom framework engineering, data acquisition and base load mapping, and financial analysis. Options for Solar leasing if you just want cheaper power.

Domestic For household systems we offer commercial grade equipment and project management at competitive prices. Our business is sustainable and fully Australian owned. We are more likely to be there when you need us compared to the Solar marketing companies that are here just whilst the rebates are good.  

Commercial Solar System - Blue Tongue Solar Household Solar System - Blue Tongue Solar

Commercial Solar System

Household Solar System


BTS News: Power companies trying to talk us out of solar...

A response from *ed energy recently for one of their customers enquiring about solar for their new property:

" Due to the poultry 6c feed in tarrif, it's just not worth it now, stay with mains electricity"    

Off course they are going to talk us out of solar. each 5kw system generates 7,000kw per year that they can't charge us for, so who should we be listening to ?  

Solar systems are seeing 25% to 30% ROI right now and are designed not to export to the grid, so the Feed in Tariff rate is not even factored in for the Return on Investment. There is no need to even choose cheap or low quality systems to still achieve an amazing return for your outlay. The cost of providing your own power with Solar overtime is around 6c/kW/hr. This is not indexed of course and not subject to price rises, so represents a lower and more stable cost of production to your business.

How much have our bills gone up in the last ten years ?

Lynne Chester from the Sydney University has tallied the figures in her Electricity Privatisation white paper:  Victoria has risen 103%, Nsw 115% and Queensland 125%. At these rates, Victoria could be at 60c/kw within ten years which is aligned with the power rates in many Asian country's, and where our government wants us to be for tax revenue.   It's our choice to reduce our own cost of living, or to increase retailer profits and support burning brown coal - which is what we are doing every time we pay a power bill in Victoria.

Blue Tongue Solar - Providing proficient commercial solar power installation all over Melbourne, regional Victoria and NSW.

Due to the spiraling costs of power, companies and home owners are turning to renewable energy. With highly efficient and affordable Blue Tongue Solar systems it is cheaper than continuing to pay for your daytime power.

If you are searching for Victorian domestic and commercial solar power installers in Gisborne, Kilmore, and around Melbourne or  Yarrawonga and want to lower the cost of your energy, then Blue Tongue Solar would be the right choice. Blue Tongue Solar conduct Commercial installations now in Western Australia & New South Wales.

Cost effective and green

Professional services included on every job are: Bill analysis, return on investment, yield rebate and funding reports, CEC compliance, electrical engineering, distributor applications, logistics and proper project management.

With a background in product engineering we supply the industries very best components including Inverters from SMA & Fronius and modules from only Tier 1 suppliers like Renesola. Each project is individually engineered for optimum output and reliability. Micro Inverters and grid protection devices are used when required.

Contact our friendly and experienced staff for any questions about renewable energy or to book solar power installers Australia wide.