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Commercial Power

Solar Power = More $ in Your Pocket

A solar system will work silently all day to generate free power for your business.  At Blue Tongue Solar our high efficiency systems have an average return on investment (ROI) of 2-4 years.  In this tough business climate it can be hard to get ahead, solar power could give you a great advantage - and it does not hurt your customers to know that your firm is green and helping  the environment. It's a win win as you really are saving money and reducing your monthly opperating costs.



-  Greatly reduce or eliminate your electricity expense.

-  Take advantage of government rebates still available.

-  Reduce your companies exposure to power price rises

-  Provide tax deductible benefits off the purchase price of your system

-  Short return on investment

Do you have the roof space ?  Do you use power during the day ? Do you pay more than 14c per kW for power ?  if the answers are yes then you should look seriously at solar power.


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