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Commercial Solar System - Blue Tongue Solar

If you are looking for a bill tailored solution then Blue Tongue Solar should be your first call.

We  provide a comprehensive feasibility study and recommendation and then setup a quote tender for you or manage the project from start to finish. 

We are experienced in all aspects of commercial projects, whether it's a small business needing 10kW or a large commercial operation requiring over 100kW.  We understand the complexities of design requirements, grid connection restrictions and compliances, rebates and paperwork.

In most cases solar power for a commercial business is one of the best investments available.  A lifetime of free electricity, and generous rebates are still available, not to mention the tax benefits. You will find this to be a low risk solution for higher plant efficiency that provides high financial returns.

Give us a call to find out if it will benefit your bottom line.  

We make going solar simple so you do not require your own resources to cover all the bases.

Solar Power = Signifacant reduction in opperating expenses

A solar system will work silently all day to generate free power for your business.  At Blue Tongue Solar our high efficiency systems have an average return on investment (ROI) of 4-6 years.  In this tough business climate it can be hard to get ahead, solar power could give you a great advantage - not to mention it's also good for the environment and your coprorate image.



-  Greatly reduce or eliminate your electricity expense.

-  Take advantage of government rebates that are still available.

-  Utilize tax deductible benefits off the purchase price. 

-  Reduce your opperating expense exposure to electricity retailer rate rises.

-  Short return on investment - long system life 


Statistics: 3.1 Gigawatts per annum produced by Blue Tongue Solar Systems
Installation teams have commissioned 2,430 PV Plants
Clients: Bank of Bendigo, BMW, China Southern Airlines, Delatite Winery

Qualified disciplines incorporated

Ground breaking solar companylink to Commercial Quote Builder

We are the first to engineer and install a fully compliant building integrated solar project in Australia. This required standards and policy changes with the Clean Energy Council.

Commercial Solar Power

A-1 Recommendations
We go over and above with customer requirements
and have a 98% satisfaction rate. This translates  into a large recommendation network which means we don’t have to have a marketing and advertising
intensive company. 

Our focus is on better engineering, better project
management, and personal service.

Blue Tongue  Solar is a long term company. We
Own our assets, have a forward thinking product
Team and are very resilient to market fluctuations.

A number of companies can supply and install a Solar Power system. What stands Blue Tongue Solar apart is that we are dedicated to each project, cover all requirements before they become a problem and have a very experienced network of Engineers. You are not just assigned a project manager – you have direct contact to the business owners and are involved as much or as little as you like in procurement, deployment and site works to facilitate any cost savings possible.

Once Stage 1 is commissioned there is a performance audit and costing review for subsequent Phases.  We develop tidy working relationships. It is your decision to move on to the next stage with our company or not.  This way your financial exposure is reduced and we earn the right to complete the entire project via due diligence and delivering on expectations.

Warren Hall
Blue Tongue Solar Pty.Ltd.

Global situation for PV in 2012-2013  

Extract from PV Power Markets  

In 2011, the market for large solar farms with outputs over 1 MW developed rapidly worldwide, becoming the fastest growing sector within the solar market. While the European and Japanese markets are dominated by small roof-mounted installations, expansion in Asia, North America and other regions has almost exclusively stemmed from large installations within the utility-scale sector.

According to figures from EPIA, 29.7 GW of new installations were added in 2011, with 21 GW in Europe alone. Analysts at NPD Solarbuzz predict that emerging markets, such as China, North America and India, will also grow further in 2012, accounting for around a third of new PV capacity installed worldwide. In 2011, they were responsible for one fifth. Europe’s share will shrink to just over half in 2012, dropping to under 42 percent by 2016.

The market’s most important driving forces are the falling system costs of photovoltaics and the increasing price of electricity generated using conventional technologies


Like the Southwest USA, Australia requires a lot of electricity for air conditioning and cooling systems during the summer. In 2011, electricity during the peak midday period was sometimes offered at record prices of 10,000 Australian dollars per MWh. The standard price is between 35 and 50 dollars. The use of photovoltaics is therefore highly attractive in Australia, since solar installations generate most electricity during the middle of the day.

The extreme peak prices yield considerable profits, which is why, according to figures from EPIA, capacity installed in 2011 alone amounted to 774 MW. Increasing numbers of large-scale installations are set to be constructed in Australia to stabilize energy supply and lower electricity prices during the summer.

2013 saw a marked increase in commercial solar applications. There were 29 successful installs at or over 30kw from a small number of companies including Blue Tongue Solar. As the economics become apparent to the CFO's we are seeing an uptake of companies planning 1MW and larger installations for 2014

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Commercial Solar Power

Bank of Bendigo
PV Plant  BTS 2011

Commercial Power
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Commercial Power

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