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Engineering and Design

Commercial applications for solar go through a feasibility study and comprehensive usage and bill analysis before proposing the right system for your premises.

Energy audit information on your existing infrastructure is collected along with billing information to get a clear picture of your current power situation. 24 hr power mapping can be employed to identify your peak loads.

Your renewable energy installation is then custom designed to give you the maximum benefit and shortest payback times that are possible. Billing tariff thresholds are recognised then the solar solution can be designed as the best fit for you company.

Blue tongue solar also facilitates cost reduction technologies which can also have a large impact on your power costs. There are a large variety of energy efficient products from LED lighting to solar air conditioning that we have sourced to help your energy reduction.

After the audit, feasibility study and preliminary design, your report will show you what effect you can expect from a range of financial outlays depending on your budget. No Guess work – you know what will happen ‘before’ a system investment with Blue Tongue Solar.

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