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“Our house is in a visible location so any solar setup would have to complement the house. We live fairly efficiently, but we wanted the solar to cover the gas hot water bills also this needs $450 a 1/4. With some energy saving tips and a 3kw system we now make $400 a year and don’t worry at all about electricity and gas bills – they just pay themselves. The accountant neighbour bought a system also. The figures really stack up, thanks Blue Tongue. "

–Andrew and Mel from Gisborne

We had pretty high power bills and just a west roof available for Solar. The budget could just extend to a 3kw system 16 panels. Warren was available to design a system, that now covers 95% of our bills and this was using 2 x 2kw inverters so we can upgrade to a 4 kw system at a later stage. Well done BTS team.”

–Brad from Romsey

We had been waiting 11 months for an install from one of the large companies when we talked to Blue Tongue Solar. They were able to install a 4kw system within 3 weeks and the price was so good that the deposit we lost was absorbed and it ended up cheaper. The inverter was the next size up and it all works well. We don’t think about power bills any more as the system cancels them out. Thanks Warren Teresa & Knut, you helped us out of a difficult situation with a great result.

–Steve from Craigieburn

As a home owner and part time investor, I just could not ignore a solar solution for my home. It seamed too good to be true 28% return on the investment, and no power companies to worry about anymore. Well our installation was not the easiest; it took some good planning and careful component selection from Blue Tongue. It’s a 26 panel setup and gives me flexibility with my power usage. We are very happy with the system and the way problems were worked through with a minimum of fuss.

–Rod from Brunswick

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